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Company Big Angry Dog
Date Added 2006-02-21
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DreamCalc Financial Graphing Calculator
EDITION: DC3P Professional
FEATURES: *Advanced Financial Calculations *Graphing Features *Scientific Functions *Fully Featured Package

DESCRIPTION: DreamCalc is a software application which provides a fully featured and convenient alternative to using a separate hand-held financial calculator when you are working on your PC. Because it is software, it runs alongside your other applications, allowing you to copy values, lists, expressions and graphs. All editions of DreamCalc support RPN and algebraic input.

FINANCIAL FEATURES: Loan Amortization, Discounted Cash-flow Calculations (inc. NPV, MIRR, IRR & ROI), Bond PRICE & YTM, TVM Compound Interest Registers, Depreciation (SL, DB & SOYD), Cash-Flow Charts, Date Calculations (inc. ACT/ACT, 30/360, 30E/360, Week Nos. etc.), US, European & Canadian Annual Rates.
DreamCalc Financial Graphing Calculator
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