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Author Ultrabizz Token Frenzy

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Company Ultrabizz
System Requirements Min-1Gig cpu with 250Meg memory; OpenGl graphics card with 64Meg memory
File Size 390.63 KB
Platform Windows2000,WinXP
Date Added 2006-12-06
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Category Games > Strategy
Price $15.95
Token Frenzy 1.00
3D puzzel game requiring good memory and observation skills.

Drive through a city searching for specific tokens assigned by the computer. You have limited time to locate each token and each new game has a randomly generated map, making it unique each time you play.

You can play against other people via local network or via the Internet. You do not need aby driving skills, the vehicle drives itself down the roads, you just tell it where to turn and when to slow down.

The game also includes traffic lights on some of the levels and each level has a faster vehicle and a bigger playing field making it more difficult to remember where tokens are located as well as having to think quicker due to the higher vehicle speed
Token Frenzy
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