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Author Pete Hufnagel Gravelocity

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Company Hufnagel Software
System Requirements DirectX 9
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Platform Windows
Date Added 2005-11-26
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Category Games > Arcade
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Gravelocity 1.0
In A.D. 2101, tragedy befalls your spaceship. Automated robots, the Nanotech Maintenance Engineers (NME's) in the reactor chamber have malfunctioned and are going haywire. They are endangering the power core–you must destroy them all! Climb inside your Rear-Engine Coil-Launched Impact-Negating Exoskeletal Robot (RECLINER) and use its laser missile to destroy the waves of deranged NME's! From inside the RECLINER you are able to change the spaceship's artificial gravity field. You will need to use this capability to your advantage while fighting the NME's. In addition to the laser missile, the RECLINER can fire a gravity spike. When lodged in a wall, the gravity spike creates a gravity well at its tip. This will allow you to easily move across any side of the floating structures in the reactor chamber. Given much more time, the NME's will cause irreparable damage to the core, and it will melt down. There is no time to lose! We are all counting on you! Gravelocity is a fast-paced 3D arcade shooter in which you control gravity! Clear waves of deadly robots while dodging their streams of missiles. Perform complex acrobatics by creating gravity wells! Gravelocity will provide you with endless hours of arcade shooting action. This game is perfect for when you need a short break. Control gravity. Fight robots. Gravelocity. Can you dig it!?
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